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CutOff Genes Podcast

Jun 24, 2019

- NY Birth Certificate Bill is up for the vote! (spoiler-it passed)

- Obtaining a surname is not the "silver bullet" to answers

- More stories from the trenches

- Part 3 of story-time with Jenna Robertson


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Jun 16, 2019

- Surprise!

- More news about GEDmatch and Law Enforcement

- Using FamilySearch in addition to Ancestry

- Part 2 of Story-time with Jenna Robertson


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Jun 9, 2019

- The Duchess of Sussex has ancient history with the royals

- @joolsjackson's "Believe it or Not": Tales from the trenches

- A new book recommendation

- Let's have a book club

- Storytime with Jenna Robertson


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Jun 2, 2019

-@joolsjackson is excited about the network TV return of "Who Do You Think You Are?"

- Leonardo DaVinci's hair to be DNA tested

- How to preserve Ancestry Trees before you delete them

- Woman has three children a month apart

- Part 3 of my conversation with Lori Wagner Knisely

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