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CutOff Genes Podcast

Mar 31, 2019

- @joolsjackson makes some clarifications

- Why is DNA testing illegal in France?

- Chimerism.  What is it?

- Part 2 of Debbie Keys' Epic Odyssey









Mar 24, 2019

- There are no cookie-cutter results in Genetic Genealogy

- FTDNA's new Terms of Service and Privacy

- Is the "Jack the Ripper" case really solved?

- An overview of AncestryDNA's new matching features

- Story time features Debby Keys and the first part of her Epic Odyssey


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Mar 17, 2019

- @joolsjackson talks about GEDmatch Genesis and user friendly improvements

- Beware of Non-DNA people on DNA trees and disappearing DNA results

- Woman receives legal threat after writing note to daughter's grandmother

- More Y-DNA questions

- Rebecca Coffey rounds out our four part, one family DNA story-time 



Mar 10, 2019

- @castlesongs reveals a DNA story that hit close to home

- The Warren Harding/Nan Britton affair

- Can you take a DNA test in France?

- Book Nook- The Foundling  by Paul Fronczak

- Story Time features Jessica Poole in part 3 of our 4 part sister series


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Mar 4, 2019

- Tabatha and Stephen King make an impressive contribution to the genealogy community

- "Kennewick Man" lives and breathes in Kennewick

- Book Nook- -Uncommon Knowledge- the story of the love-child of Loretta Young and Clark Gable

- Story Time- Part 2 of 4- Adoptee, Kari, tells of her journey searching for her...