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CutOff Genes Podcast

Sep 29, 2019

- Julie reviews a Family History Workbook

- Anyone Can Fabricate Obits 

- What happens when your mother is your sister?

- Story Time with Laureen Pittman, Author of The Lies That Bind


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Sep 22, 2019

-Yearbooks are a great way to find people

- Link your social media to your profile

- Aaron Burr did much more than kill Alexander Hamilton

- Ancestry's Thru-Lines feature- is it useful?

- Part 2 of Story Time with Donya Papoose Williams

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Sep 15, 2019

- Ireland implements a new Census feature for future generation

- Australian man who fought for his adoption to be discharged

- Chromosome Browsers: How and Why

- Donya Papoose Williams takes us to school about African American 



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Sep 8, 2019

- Discovery of a frozen infant in a deceased mother's freezer

- It IS possible for a child to be completely unaware of the fact that his mother is expecting a baby

- How to respond when asked why you want answers

- How "white nationalists" justify unwelcome ethnicity results

- Patty Bevere discusses her family's...

Sep 1, 2019

It's Labor Day- we'll be back next week!