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CutOff Genes Podcast

Apr 28, 2019

- We've made one complete trip around the sun!

- It's difficult to let go of presumed names when the DNA says otherwise

- Why it's not a good idea to "honor" your step family in Legal Documents

- Things to remember when using sources in your genealogy research

- Part two of our conversation with Paige Adams Strickland

Apr 21, 2019

- Birthdays are confusing for many adoptees

- Potential changes to the dreaded school Family Tree assignment

- Film Review-"A Single Piece Of Paper"

- What is the meaning of "genetic distance"?

- Story Time with Paige Adams Strickland

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Apr 14, 2019

- A discussion of "Mrs Wilson" on PBS

- An AncestryDNA hack to help contact relatives

- Uploading your raw data to MyHeritage- it's free

- A very special story time- spoiler alert- there's mutiny


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Apr 7, 2019

- More ethical quandaries regarding DNA retrieval

- Succinct instructions to share your Ancestry DNA results

- Why it's SO important to expand your genetic family tree up, out and down

-David Minich joins us for story time


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